Thoughts on Ninjago Episode: Season Four Episode 1: The Search

The Search. A great season premiere.

I have to say, I’m loving the new intro. It’s really outstanding. I also would like to mention that Cartoon Network has upped the graphics this season- fire and lighting look really great so far.

This episode did have a lot more humor then the other episodes did- which were mainly just action. I have to say, I really did find this episode very funny.

I HATE PIXAL. JUST NO. SHE CAN’T TAKE ZANE AWAY FROM ME JUST NO. I also think the shirt she wearing was a little umm..inappropriate. Speaking of which, Nya’s was too.

I think the new costumes are OK, along with the new weapons.

There was no Garmadon in this episode, and barely and Lloyd. BOOOO!

But it was a good plot line and I really did like this episode- it’s one of favorites!

What did you think?

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Yep. ;) Title says it all. 




Come back tomorrow for a overview on what happened + my thoughts on it. 



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This is from Wikipedia. I give all rights to the text to them. Any text inside of a * *like this!* is written by me.


The Ninja get new weapons: Elemental techno blades, new suits and new vehicles alongside their new Sensei former villain turned good guy Garmadon *Garmadon turned GOOD?*, as well some brand new enemies, the evil Nindroids who are created by the Overlord *Isn’t that the guy that gave Garmadon that fancy hat?* and serve as his minions.

Cyrus Borg mentions that Zane’s father is now deceased *NOOO!*. A new villain called Pixal *That is a lame name for a villan FWI * scans Zane’s blueprints to make Nindroids. The Overlord returns and corrupts the city. The Overlord possesses Sensei Wu turning him into Evil Wu *Evil Wu? REALLY? That sounds cool, but once again, lame name!*. The Ninja go to stop all the power in New Ninjago city and shut down the nindroids and Pixal. Garmadon and Lloyd defeat the Mech-Dragon. The Overlord then transforms into his new Dragon Overlord form and sets off to find a legendary stone which will engulf the earth in eternal darkness. *That sounds bad.*

Schedule to start unofficially on January 29, 2014. *GAHHH! THAT’S ONLY A FEW WEEKS AWAY! WE MUST PREPARE!*

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New Year, New Beginning

Happy 2014 everyone. :)

It’s been a while, I know.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin…

Where should we start?

So, I’m going to ask you, what do you want to see? The new LEGOs, or do you want to know when the series will come out? What do you want me to tell you?

The New Ninjago Guide (for ALL Spinjitzu fans) will begin Sunday. Sunday will be the posting day. But, tell me, what you want to post first.

Abgaile :)

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New Ninjago LEGOs!

That’s right! The new Ninjago LEGOs ARE coming out this December to go along with the new season! While, I still have to get many more from Season 3, I am really excited about these new ones! No pictures have yet been posted anywhere, but there are names and numbers! Here we go:

  • #70720 LEGO Ninjago Hover Hunter
  • #70721 LEGO Ninjago Fighter Kai
  • #70722 LEGO Ninjago OverBorg Attack
  • #70723 LEGO Ninjago Thunder Raider
  • #70724 LEGO Ninjago NinjaCopter
  • #70725 LEGO Ninjago Nindroid MechDragon
  • #70726 LEGO Ninjago Destructoid


I am really excited about those last two. ;) And the Thunder Raider. NO idea what that could be.

What are you excited about?



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Ninjago Season 4- No Longer A Legend!

Yes, it has been confirmed! :) Jay Vincent, the amazing person who writes the Ninjago music, wrote (typed) this on his blog: “It has now been confirmed that there will be at least 8 new episodes of Ninjago that will premiere in late 2013 and 2014. The writers Hageman are hard at work, and scoring will begin late summer of this year. Look out for more Nindroids, new action, and many, many flutes.” 

Hmmmm..nindroids? Well then. That may have to do with the new sets! I will be posting those tomorrow so hold onto your ninja masks! ;)

But, 8 episodes? That’s IT? I really would love more! :( But hey, 8 is better then none!



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Lego Ninjago Movie

Have you all yet heard about The LEGO Movie? I heard about it when I went to go see Monsters U, and I saw the trailer! Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out:

I am SO excited to see that! Especially because one of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman, is in it.  There is no set date yet, but it will come in 2014 (I am assuming summer)

And the link below, shows the announcement of…THE NINJAGO MOVIE!

Yep, it is currently in the works and will be out in 2014. No trailer yet, but stay tuned!

I have TONS of other things to catch up on…like new Ninjago LEGOS (I will work on that tomorrow!), my thoughts on the Chima show & LEGOS, and I’m going to try to do like a weekly thing like….I don’t know….start a ninjago book? It would have my own characters, but still include Ninjago original characters. I would post a new chapter each week too.

Well, we shall wait and see!

I really want to get this blog up and running again!


Abagaile :)

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Ninjago Guide Forum!!!!

I’m very pleased to announce to opening of the Ninjago Guide forum/message board !

Drop what you’re doing, and make an account!

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Where have I been?

Okay, before I start an explanation I want to say something.

Thank you.

You guys have stayed with this site even when I’m gone, you still comment, you’re still here!

That is really amazing.

Now for an explanation. I’ve been here the whole time. I’ve never left. I just can’t find anything! It’s pretty frustrating.

I don’t know what to write about any more, honest.

I’ve noticed how much you all love commenting and having discussions through the comments.
Today I’m working on the first ever Ninjago Forum!
I’m really excited!

Spinjitzu Master,


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Ninjago-New book!

A new Ninjago book will be released in (most likely) October of this year! YAY! Papercutz, publishes a Ninjago book series. You can buy these books pretty much anywhere where books are sold. (I recommend looking at Amazon or Barnes and Noble) So, anyway, an image and description have been released.

Here is the description:

LEGO Ninjago Book #8:  Destiny of Doom – After Jay, Cole, Zane, and Kai defeated Lord Garmadon once and for all, the skeletal baddie actually joined the good guys! Garmadon and his son Lloyd are reunited, and the new powerful team, led by Sensei Wu, is totally unstoppable . . . unless they have to face one of their own. Before Garmadon turned, he had placed terrible doomsday devices all over Ninjago, timed to activatein the event of his defeat. Now he must lead the ninjas in a quest around the world to battle these maniacal menaces, and hope that their first mission together isn’t their last! The blockbuster graphic novel best-seller continues in this thrilling tale of endings and new beginnings!

Personally, it kind of sounds like Zane is going to turn of them. (SUSPENSE!) Especially because I think the photo that was released on the LEGO message boards showed a reflection of a robot in Zane’s eyes, and because of the fact Zane is a robot, I think this has to do with his inner nindroid-ness… Because, robots don’t have feelings so, if someone is able to get to Zane’s robotic insides, they could change his personality and make him evil. (WOAH) Sound’s like a pretty good plot for a book if you ask me. And an even better plot for a season 4! Even though a new season hasn’t been confirmed, I have a good feeling that this book will be animated. Although, the other Ninjago books haven’t really had anything to do with series. This makes me wonder………

Anyways, this is the cover of the book:


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